High Country House
This hill top house is a concrete expression of Armidale ’s unique meeting of rural life and culture, “agri-culture”, a town with a university and many other cultural institutions. The clients seamlessly combine their flourishing agribusiness with their white collar occupations. Gentlemen farming. Their modern “Homestead” is located at the peak of the property overseeing the health of the cattle in the valley below. The 1000 meters of altitude are felt outside with cold winter fog covering the valley, whilst inside the house is a refuge enhanced by strongly integrated passive solar design principles. The sheds and barns are located remotely. Keeping nature intact, the grassy slopes of the hill continue all the way up under the concrete platform. The slab and the corrugated steel skirt under, are a protection against grass fires and conceal large water tanks. The concrete and the tanks provide ample thermal mass to balance the temperature extremes that high country encounters. The Interiors are an urbane and cultured refuge to a collection of art and indigenous artifacts collected in Africa and Asia. There is no place for whips, saddles and country style clichés.
Luigi Rosselli Architects - High Country House
This modern hilltop “homestead” is located at the peak of a cattle property. An expression of the meeting of rural life and culture unique to the country town of Armidale. Photography: © Edward Birch

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